Friendship–Part 1

Apologies for not posting recently friends. Have been feeling pretty ordinary due to a severe lack of sleep which may be blamed on the Women’s Cricket World Cup and the Lord’s Test Match being on my tv combined with battling a lung and sinus infection which I caught in Canberra.

It did, however, give me time to ponder a few questions that have been on my mind for a while.  How do you define friendship?  What is the true value of friendship? Who do I consider to be my true friends?



Now I do realise that these are fairly deep philosophical questions and while I am not a philosopher in any sense of the word,  given the events of the last few months, I have very quickly realised that my definition of friendship and what it means to be a friend has changed in a rather significant way.

The definition of friendship is shown below:



My two best friends are two people that I have known since I was a very small child and am still close to this day, Beth and Roslyn. Beth and I have known each other since we were three as our brothers Simon and Philip were the same age and her family lived a few streets away from us. She was also friends with the kids that lived across the street from me (who I was also friends with) so our friendship grew and thrived from then to the present day

Roslyn and I first met as five-year-olds in Kindergarten at Holy Trinity School Inverell in 1982 (yes we are that old so no jokes please!!) We were polar opposites–She was quiet and rather mousy while I was loud and outgoing (go figure!!) and we became fast friends. Even now she lives interstate, distance has never posed a problem as we are in constant touch via email, letters and cards exchanged for birthdays, Easter, Christmas and at other times.

As word got out about Dad’s illness and the fact that I had to pretty much cancel all plans so I could get to Tamworth as quickly as possible, another side of friendship started to emerge. Facebook friends were contacting me to render assistance, offer support, to let non-Facebook friends know what was happening and why I would be pretty much uncontactable for the foreseeable future. One such friend was an old school friend who lives in Tamworth with her family and one I am ashamed to admit, I lost contact with many years ago.

I had just posted the first “Tamworth Update” and was sitting at the hospital trying to work out what needed to be done and how long I was going to be staying in Tamworth when my phone pinged with a Facebook Message from my old school friend Bec. She said that she was down the road from the hospital and was coming to take me out for a little while and that she would also not take no for an answer.  My mind was reeling from seeing Dad and even though my mind was screaming that I needed to stay close by, I gratefully accepted the invite.

We ended up at a little coffee shop a couple of streets away from the hospital where we spent an enjoyable time catching up over coffee and cake. I didn’t realise it at the time as I was very much on emotional overload, but Bec was an example of what not only true friendship was, but that it didn’t matter that we hadn’t caught up in years, she would come running if I needed her and nothing was too much trouble.

Another friend who also showed her true worth during this time was my ex-neighbour Sandra. She was back and forwards to Tamworth with her husband and very kindly took me food shopping. It was little things like these two examples which made me realise how lucky I am to have friends like these.

I love this quote from Cookie Monster which sums up how I define friendship.



I hope you find someone (or more than one someone) to share your last cookie with friends.



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