No Bullshit!

I was talking online to a friend of mine about the blog a couple of days ago. She said that she had been enjoying it but what she loved about it most of all was that I wasn’t hiding the fact that I have depression. It struck me as being an interesting thing for her to say, but as I mulled over the statement, I realised how true it was.


In my family, we were taught from an early age to call things as we saw them. The phrases, Call a spade a bloody shovel and You’re not backwards in coming forward were often heard when people spoke of the family. Even now, if I think someone is being an idiot…I’ll tell them no matter the consequences. Better to be honest than a liar!!

As a student of psychology, I am fully aware of the stigma that can and often is attached to mental health issues. I have seen too many young friends commit suicide due to them. When I recognised that I was becoming depressed after dad’s passing, I knew I needed help and took myself straight to the doctors. Anyone who knows me well knows that this is highly unusual as I hate going to the doctors, even when sick. Added to this is the fact I hate taking medication of any kind, even my daily dose of antihistamines for my ongoing sinus issues. So imagine how much I’m enjoying having to take medication to help me sleep!!

My aim in writing this blog is to be brutally honest about what I’m going through in the hope that it can help others who find themselves in the same boat. If offence is caused I offer my apologies in advance but I don’t see the point of sugarcoating things just to make people feel better…trust me… it just doesn’t help. I just hope that I can help one person see that they are not alone.




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