Finding Your True North.



I have been struggling to think of what to write in this post. Sure, I’ve had plenty of ideas but none that seemed quite right. I thought of writing about the truly awesome time Mum and I had at Questacon while we were away (don’t worry, that will definitely be a post for another time) or the pros and cons of being a coffee addict. But I was watching one of my favourite shows, “Gotham”, when a quote struck me as being perfect for this post.

“You must find your true north Master Bruce.” Alfred Pennyworth to Bruce Wayne.

True north is defined as “the direction north according to the Earth’s axis, i.e.. not magnetic north as shown on a compass.” True north differs to magnetic north due to magnetic abnormalities that occur all over the earth and a compass will never show true north due to these changes. However, the point Alfred was making to Bruce was that only he could find his true path in life no matter what that ended up being (and we all know which superhero Bruce becomes!!) He would guide him along the way but only Bruce could make the ultimate choice of what or who he would become and the man he would grow up to be.

Up until recently, I was fairly confident in knowing where my true north lay. It was heading me in the direction of further study in my chosen field, Criminology in order to start me on the path of achieving my dream of either becoming a forensic scientist or the state Coroner for the state of New South Wales. While I am sure that this is and will be where I’m heading, the pull of my magnetic north is threatening to pull me away and derail my dreams.

Now I know you’re all thinking that grief takes time to deal with and rationally I am fully aware that you are correct in thinking this. I have often thought of how many times I have mindlessly said this to people I know who have been dealing with what I am currently going through. My only hope is that I know when enough time has passed and can find my true north again, heading towards my ultimate goal.

I hope you find your true north too friends.







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